It all started with a small plastic frame.

While cleaning out his office last summer, Shuttersong’s founder William Agush discovered a photo of his son taken in 1995 in a frame with a button marked play. Upon pressing it, there was the voice of his son from 18 years ago, clear as day. The idea behind Shuttersong was born.

Simpler than video, richer than photos, Shuttersong® lets you effortlessly combine digital images with sound and share them everywhere. Use Shuttersong to photograph a moment in time and add its soundtrack by selecting a song clip from your music library or recording live voice or sound through your phone. Then, share your “Shuttersong“ with family, friends and colleagues through social networks, email, or text. Shuttersong also works with existing photos in your library and images from the web, so you can create infinite image + sound combinations.

As Shuttersongs are based on standard JPEG files, they are incredibly easy to share and view – in the app or on the web – and can even be embedded into web pages and blog posts. The patent-pending technology joins the image and audio into a single photo file that can be viewed or printed just like a normal high-quality JPEG.

Here just a few of Shuttersong’s many features:

  • App design is so intuitive there are no words.
  • One tap to shoot photos and capture sounds.
  • Easy to grab music or sound effects from your music library and select up to a 15 second clip.
  • Shoot new photos or add sound to your existing photos (including ones created with other photo apps) or images from the web.
  • With one tap, share with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, VK and Reddit or via email and text. Many more global social networks will be added soon.
  • View Shuttersongs either in-the-app or on the web (even if you or a friend doesn’t have the app).
  • Shuttersongs sent to you are immediately saved to your phone.
  • Embed Shuttersongs into web pages or blog posts.

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