The Top Five Questions

1. How much does Shuttersong cost?

Shuttersong is free. Brands, artists, journalists, political figures and other influencers can apply for “verified” status by emailing Having verified status provides access to reserved user names, extra features, added protections, and benefits for non-consumer use.

2. How do I find people to follow?

Everyone automatically receives 5 friends during sign-up that can be changed afterwards. You can follow or search for people in the Shuttersong community by tapping the “people” icon from the Home screen. You can view your Followers in your Profile screen and tap to follow.

3. How do I invite a friend to join?

Tap the “Invite a Friend” icon on the top right side of your Home screen. This will create an email that you can send to the friend you’d like to have join Shuttersong. In the future you’ll be able to search for friends on other networks as well.

4. How do I report offensive or inappropriate behavior or content?

If you find a Shuttersong you believe violates our terms of service or community guidelines, tap the Shuttersong you wish to report, click on the “…” icon then tap Report/Flag. We will review the image and remove it if we determine it is does not comply with our policies. For more information, refer to the Shuttersong Community Guidelines located under Settings.

5. Why doesn’t the Android version have social features?

We decided to implement the iPhone version first but plan to have an Android version later in the summer. Unlike the iPhone, there are hundreds of different Android phones and we need to make sure the app works with all of them.

Here are some additional questions that users ask regularly. If you need further assistance email us at


Why do I need to give you my birth date?

Shuttersong users must be 13 years or older to use the app. We must verify your age to comply with local laws and regulations. If you sign in with Facebook your date of birth will be given to us automatically.

Why do you want to send me push notifications?

We use push notifications to improve your experience. For example, we will send notifications when someone likes or comments on one of your images or if your Shuttersong is selected as an Editor’s favorite.

How do I add or change my screen name?

From the Home screen click on the “Profile” icon (the person icon on the lower right of the screen) then tap the “Settings” icon (the gear in the upper right corner) and select “Edit Profile.”

How do I remove my account?

Email us at with the username or email address you used to register and we will delete your account, including all Shuttersong images you created. Please note that we cannot delete images you shared to other social networks.

Our Social Network

How do I get people to follow me?

Invite your friends to join. Follow other people in the community stream. Like and comment on Shuttersongs in our community. As our community grows we’ll offer more ways to find friends and get people to follow.

Can I place a clickable link in a caption?

Yes you can place a link to any URL, including iTunes songs, YouTube videos or products in your caption. If you choose to add a link you should review that sites privacy policy, as it likely will be different than ours.

Can I share Shuttersongs via other apps?

Yes. You can share your Shuttersongs on other social apps including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also share a link by email or SMS. These choices are available on the Sharing screen. Shuttersongs that are shared cannot be deleted from third-party social networks.

How will I know if someone “Favorites” my Shuttersong?

If you allowed push notifications when you registered we will let you know when someone likes or comments on your Shuttersongs. If you did not allow push notifications, you can turn them on in the Privacy Settings from your Profile screen.


What steps does Shuttersong take to keep children safe?

Shuttersong takes the privacy of children seriously. We comply with the United States Child Online Protection and Privacy Act (COPPA) by requiring users to enter their date of birth when they register for an account. You can use the parental settings in the phone to restrict use of the app or in-app store by your children regardless of their age.

How can I block someone from following me?

The ability to block users will be implemented in a future update. However, you can un-follow any user from the list of followers on your Profile page. Contact if a user is harassing you or exhibiting other inappropriate behavior.

Who can see my Shuttersongs?

If your account is public, anyone who follows you can see your Shuttersongs. Public images may also appear in the Community feed as well. If you choose to make your account private, only people who you approve to follow you can see your Shuttersongs. Private Shuttersongs cannot be seen in the Community feed. If you switch your account to private, anyone who followed you before the change will now have to request to follow you.

Using Shuttersong

Can I create a Shuttersong with multiple images?

You can create a Shuttersong that includes multiple images you combined in a third-party app, like Pic Collage. However, at this time you cannot use apps like Flipagram or combine Shuttersong images within our app.

Is there a limit to how many Shuttersongs I can create?

No. You can create as many Shuttersongs as you like. Enjoy!

Why do I get this error message: “The song you selected is copy-protected. Please choose another song”?

Not all music you purchase and download can be shared. Some artists lock the music files, that is “copy protect,” to keep people from using their songs.

How do I add a particular part of a song to my Shuttersong?

There are two ways to do this after you have selected a song from your music library. If you know the start time of the song part, slide the circle along the line at the top of your screen until you see the exact time you want shown on the left. Or, at the bottom of the screen under the play arrow, you can move the small arrows left and right to select the start and end of the song. Pressing down on the blue area and dragging it allows you to move the entire 15 seconds of the song back or forth.

How do I get credits for the Shuttersong store?

Tap the “Store” icon from the home screen, select an image pack, and tap the “Buy” button. Follow the screen instructions to buy credits. One credit is US $0.99 or your local equivalent.

How do I delete a Shuttersong I no longer want?

Go to your profile from the Home screen to view your images. Select the Shuttersong you want to delete then tap the trash can icon.

Where are my Shuttersongs stored?

Shuttersongs are stored inside the app and on our server. We keep them in two places so friends who do not have the app can play images you send to them, and to restore your Shuttersongs after a software update or in the even you lose or damage your phone. We also store your original photos (without the audio) in an album called “Shuttersong Pictures,” which is accessible on your device.


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