We’ve designed Shuttersong to be easy and fun to use. Occasionally, things don’t go the way they are supposed to and we’ll do our best to help you resolve them. You can request support by sending an email to with the reason for your request in the subject line. Please describe your problem or request in a much detail as you can. Also make certain to tell us which model phone you are using and what version of the operating system is installed. Whenever possible send us screenshots of the problem.

Before you submit a support request, please read through these FAQ. Many questions that were raised during the beta testing are listed here. We will continue to update these whenever we resolve a support issue that others have encountered as well.

Getting Started

What iPhones does Shuttersong work on?

Shuttersong will work on iPhone 4/4S and all models of the iPhone 5. It does not work on the 3 or 3GS. This version of the app was not specifically designed for iPad, however many people have successfully used them, particularly for adding sound to existing photos.

Does Shuttersong work on iOS7?

The 1.0 version of the app has been used under iOS7 and we have not found any significant issues. A iOS7 compatible version is in final testing and will be provided as an update shortly. The minimum OS required is iOS6 version 6.1.4.

How do I sign up for Shuttersong?

Right now you can only create a Shuttersong account on your iOS device. When you launch Shuttersong for the first time, you'll get the signup screen. If you want to use your email address for your account, enter it and your password and then tap the yellow arrow. If you prefer to use your Facebook or Twitter settings tap the respective icon. If you already have these settings stored they will be applied. Otherwise, enter them and touch the yellow arrow to continue.

I’ve already registered. How do I log in again?

If you've been logged out of Shuttersong, launch the app, tap LOGIN and it will take you to the login screen. Enter your details and tap the yellow arrow to complete your login.

How do I reset my password?

If you've set up your account using an email address and you forget the password, tap the lock icon and a new password will be sent to you.

Using Shuttersong

Why am I limited to 15 seconds of sound?

Shuttersongs are meant to capture moments of your life, and our research showed that 10-15 seconds of sound, voice or music was the right amount to deliver a great user experience.

I prefer to use another app to take my pictures and add filters. Can I still use Shuttersong?

Yes. Tap the lower right of the camera screen and it will open your normal photo albums. Choose on and add voice or sound and share as a Shuttersong. Your original image will not be changed.


Where can I find the privacy policy or terms of service?

From the camera screen tap the lower left corner, which will bring you to the archive. Tap the compass icon at the top right of the screen and you’ll find these documents on the next page.

How do I keep my Shuttersongs private?

Unless you share your Shuttersongs, they are only available to you to view. If you share them, they will go to the social network you’ve shared them to and they will be available based on the settings of that network. You can also share them by email or text, however the person receiving them can forward them without your knowledge.

How do I stop others from seeing a Shuttersong I sent?

Go to your archive, tap the Shuttersong you want others to stop viewing and when it has been displayed tap the trashcan icon. This will delete the Shuttersong from your phone and from our storage. Further attempts to view it will receive an error message. However, if the person who received the Shuttersong has downloaded the file, or if the file has been copied to another social network, there is no way to prevent further viewing. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

Do you submit Shuttersongs to the search engines?

No. If you share a Shuttersong to a social network, they may submit them to a search engine depending on your privacy settings.

Why don’t you have a community where I can share my Shuttersongs?

There are many well-established places to share Shuttersongs, including Facebook and Twitter. We decided to provide the ability to share anywhere and leave the choice of where and when to share up to you. Further, by not having a community of our own we do not have to collect any kind of personal data other than an email address to open and maintain your account.

Something isn't Working

Do I need to have a data connection available to use Shuttersong?

Shuttersong requires either a cellular connection or WiFi to upload or share Shuttersongs. The app will attempt to upload your Shuttersong (you will see the mermaid go back and forth) until the app determines that there is no connection. The completed Shuttersong is saved to your archive so that you can share it at a later time.

I don't want to share a Shuttersong. Do I have to?

No. After you have accepted the Shuttersong and you see the sharing page just touch the live camera area in the lower left and your Shuttersong will be saved to the archive and you will be returned to the camera. This is very useful if you want to take several images and share them later.

I can’t remember my password. How do I get a new one?

If you've set up your account using an email address and you forget the password, tap the lock icon and a new password will be sent to you.

I can’t login, it says email address invalid or in use?

Looking at the screen, if you see the LOGIN word, tap it to bring you to the log in page. If you see the word SIGNUP, then you are on the right page but have either mis-typed your email address or are not using the right one.

I can’t log in using Facebook or Twitter

Exit the app by pressing the home button. Go to the main phone settings and look for the Facebook or Twitter headings. Tap the one you want to use and make certain that the switch to allow Shuttersong access to your account is set to ON. Go back to Shuttersong and try again. If this problem persists it is likely that you have your social network settings set to block outside apps from accessing your account.

I selected a song and all I see is the mermaid going back and forth. What’s happening?

There are two possibilities. First, if you selected a song that is over 10 minutes long, the audio processing will take a very long time. Second, if the song you are trying to use has copy protection on it (.m4p files for example), it will not be able to process that file. We have blocks in the app to prevent these, but if they slip through, stop the app and start over.


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